Housewares Mission

Prior to developing and marketing products for the housewares industry, Warren owned 5 of his own gourmet specialty kitchenware stores (The Complete Kitchen of Southern CT), a prepared food and catering business (The Good Food Store of Darien, CT), a nationally recognized cooking school and a partnership in a kitchen design business. Warren began his career as a department store buyer of cookware and small appliances in New York City (Abraham and Straus of Brooklyn, NY).

There is as much need for innovative product development in the housewares industry today as ever before. Despite this, the industry as a whole still under funds the amount of time, energy and capital resources that should be invested.


“It remains my mission to uncover unique and functional new products that will have significant impact on the housewares marketplace. My key objective is linking independent inventors, product developers and designers with the housewares consumer in profitable ways that will benefit everyone involved in the development and distribution process.”

Monashee Marketing, LLC.

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