Submission Process


It is very important to communicate, as efficiently as possible, the primary features of your innovative new product and what goals you are personally trying to achieve in bringing it to market. In turn, it is important for me to be helpful in assessing the opportunity. I do receive a large number of submissions, so the better organized and detailed your description, the easier for me to review, understand and appropriately respond. To assist, I would like you to fill out and submit a brief questionnaire. As soon as I thoroughly review, I will contact you to arrange for a more in-depth phone call or e-mail exchange.




    In the course of communicating, it may be necessary to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) in order to speak freely. If you would like to speak with me about your new product prior to, or outside of, Lifetime Brands involvement, please click on the link Monashee Marketing NDA. If you anticipate my eventually speaking with Lifetime Brands about your product, please click on the link Lifetime Brands NDA. In either case, please download the agreement, sign, date and return to me by or e-mail I will have the NDA executed and returned to you asap. Please note that the Lifetime Brands NDA may take up to a week to ten days to have fully executed.



    The Monashee Mountains are located primarily in British Columbia, Canada. In addition to their indescribable natural beauty, the Monashees are home to some of the finest back country skiing in the world. Though not very well known outside the region, The Monashees are truly unforgettable for those who ever have ventured off the marked trail.

    If you have a true interest in venturing from the traditional product development and marketing trail, please friend me on Facebook and become a part of the Monashee Tribe. I will keep you periodically updated on housewares industry developments, my own public speaking dates, significant UIA activities…and, you will link into a group of very interesting and talented people dedicated to new product innovation.

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